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Handling of Personal Information in the registration process

  1. Wacom will use Personal Information you enter for the following purposes.

    • To provide you with information about Wacom's investor relations activities.
    • To provide information about Wacom events such as presentation meetings, etc.
    • To provide information about Wacom's products and services, such as new product launches, etc.
    • To carry out surveys relating to Wacom's investor relations activities.
    • To manage membership information associated with the above items.
  2. Wacom may entrust part of the handling of Personal Information to a third party for the purpose of administering the Wacom website.
  3. Wacom will respond to requests regarding disclosure, corrections, additions to and removal of Personal Information.
    Wacom will also respond to requests regarding suspension of use, deletion, and not providing Personal Information to a third party.

    Please email Wacom at the following address for enquiries regarding Personal Information: kojinjoho(at)wacom.co.jp

    Wacom's Privacy Policy

    Wacom CO., LTD. ("Wacom") recognizes its obligation to comply with the Japanese Protection of Personal Information Act and to ensure that personal information is handled appropriately. Wacom protects and handles all "Personal Information", including names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and other information which could identify specific individuals, in accordance with the following:

    1. Compliance with laws relating to protection of Personal Information

      Wacom complies with the Protection of Personal Information Act and related laws and regulations regarding Personal Information.
      *Wacom handles Personal Information in accordance with Japanese Laws and regulations.

    2. Systems for processing Personal Information

      Wacom designates those responsible for processing Personal Information in each department and manages Personal Information appropriately.

    3. Obtaining Personal Information

      Wacom discloses intended usage and obtains the required Personal Information directly from the individual to whom the information pertains when obtaining Personal Information.

    4. Usage of Personal Information

      In principle, Wacom will use Personal Information to provide information relating to products and/or services. For any usage other than that described above, Wacom will explicitly state the purpose to each individual when seeking their permission. Wacom ensures that Personal Information is used only for the stated purpose.

    5. Storage of Personal Information

      Wacom takes appropriate security measures to prevent and amend loss, falsification, leakage and unauthorized accesses.

    6. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

      Wacom will not provide Personal Information without prior consent or legal approval.

    7. Notice of purpose of usage, disclosure, corrections, suspension of use, etc

      Wacom will respect all rights regarding Personal Information and Wacom Personal Information contact will respond to requests regarding purpose of usage, disclosure, corrections, suspension of use and suchlike. The Wacom Personal Information contact will also respond to questions or complaints regarding the Personal Information handled by Wacom.

    8. Continuous improvement of Personal Information Protection Management System

      To comply with related laws and regulations, Wacom will continuously review and improve policy according to any change of law or circumstance applicable to the protection of Personal Information.

      *This Policy only applies to Personal Information gathered and stored on servers located in Japan. This translation is for reference purposes only. The original Policy is in Japanese. In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the original Japanese version, the Japanese version shall prevail. The original Japanese version is available here: 

      Established: August 17th, 2004
      Last updated: July 12th, 2012
      Masahiko Yamada
      Representative & CEO
      Wacom Co., Ltd.
      Personal Information contact: kojinjoho(at)wacom.co.jp

  4. Wacom will not disclose or use Personal Information in any other manner without prior consent or unless required by law.
  5. Please select Agree if you consent to the conditions described above.

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