Information Disclosure Policy

1.Basic principles

As a public company, our company regards one of its important roles is to create a healthy and secure market by disclosing company information to investors. Our company promotes mutual trust with investors and aims to increase corporate value by clarifying the information disclosure standard and manner.

2.Standard of information disclosure

Our company makes efforts to disclose ‘Timely Disclosure Information’ accurately, timely, and fairly following rules specified by the Timely Disclosure Regulations of the TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange) as well as ‘ Legal Disclosure Information’ defined in the Corporate Law, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Acts, and other laws and regulations. Moreover, our company makes efforts to disclose ‘Voluntary Disclosure Information’ proactively if our company judges the information to be useful for understanding our company business, besides “Timely Disclosure Information” and “Legal Disclosure Information”.

3.Manner of information disclosure

Posting ‘Timely Disclosure Information’ on the TSE’s TDnet (Timely Disclosure network), our company places it promptly on our homepage. As for ‘Legal Disclosure Information’, our company places it on our homepage soon after publishing it in EDINET (Electronic Disclosure for Investors’ Network) offered by the Financial Services Agency and so on. Moreover, our company discloses ‘Voluntary Disclosure Information’ as a press release, on the TDnet, and/or in our corporate web site etc.

4.Forward-looking statements

Forecasts in the disclosed information of our company are determined on currently available information and are not a guarantee of its achievement in the future.

5.Silent period

Our company provides a silent period from the day after the quarter settling day to the announcement of the financial results in order to prevent the leakage of information which may influence stock prices. Therefore, our company refrains from providing any comments and answers to questions on the upcoming financial results during this period.