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To our shareholders,

Wacom is a technology leadership company providing a unique and innovative digital pen experience—writing and drawing—to its customers. Our products and technologies are widely used, and found throughout various aspects of people’s lives, from creative studios and movie production, to industrial designers, manga artists and hobbyists—ranging from beginners to professionals alike. When shopping you may find yourself signing on a Wacom tablet to make a payment with your credit card. Wacom also extends its reach to schools and classrooms, where handwriting is inseparable from learning, as well as in hospitals and clinics, offering electronic charts that can generate reports and track patient data. Many pen-equipped PCs, tablet devices, and smartphones for personal or business use are powered by Wacom’s digital pen solutions.

The voice of the customer has always been what’s most valuable to Wacom, and it’s why we are so committed to our continuous dialogue with customers, as we pursue our mission to keep innovation going and deliver the best digital pen experience possible.

In the ever-evolving IT industry, there lies a huge and growing potential for new and untapped values for digital pens, which have yet to be realized. As digital ink is generated by a digital pen, a mere stroke of a pen today means so much more than ever before. Digital ink can be reinterpreted as Big Data. It can carry information about the author, including the time and location each stroke was made, and much more—even record aspects of the user’s state of mind.

We believe that combining Wacom’s long-standing expertise in digital pens (the best instrument to express human creativity) and the capabilities of digital data to track human activity, will enable us to continue delivering new experiences and values to our customers. We look forward to a near future in which we harness bleeding edge technologies, like artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Best regards,

President & CEO
Nobutaka Ide


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Wacom received the "2007 Disclosure New Face Award" and the "2011 Disclosure Award" by Tokyo Stock Exchange, and the "2012 Best IR Award for Small to Medium Sized Capitalization Companies" by Japan Investor Relations Association.

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