Analyst overview

The following analysts are responsible for predicting and analyzing the Company’s performance.

Company / Research Institution Analyst (titles omitted)
Nomura Securities Mr. Yu Okazaki
Jefferies Japan Securities Mr. Akinori Kanemoto
  • This list may be changed due to personnel changes. In addition, this table may not fully reflect personnel changes of analyst as we do not know all about them.
  • This list is for the only purpose of providing information on analysts in research organizations or companies who predict or analyze the Company’s performance to investors. Performances of the Company predicted by analysts are their original ones, which are not predicted by the Company or the Company’s management. The Company does not support, recommend, and ensure the accuracy and integrity of their information estimates, or opinions of analysts.
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IR awards

Wacom received the "2007 Disclosure New Face Award" and the "2011 Disclosure Award" by Tokyo Stock Exchange, and the "2012 Best IR Award for Small to Medium Sized Capitalization Companies" by Japan Investor Relations Association.

Disclosure policy

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