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Our passion

A world alive with creativity

We love what creativity brings to the world. Creativity makes our life richer and brings positive changes to the world. And, our business should be a contribution for realizing the world where people can freely explore and express personal creativity without limits and barriers. To that end, Wacom will continue to provide simple, natural and intuitive digital tools that inspire people to explore new ideas and make this world a more creative place.

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Our business

Wacom has been serving the creative professionals across the world for the three decades since 1983. Our products have been supporting the development of creative industries from movies, games, photo imaging to auto design and comics. Today, our technology solutions are integrated to smartphones and tablets, and enable general consumers to create, capture and share ideas across the globe.

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IR awards

Wacom received the "2007 Disclosure New Face Award" and the "2011 Disclosure Award" by Tokyo Stock Exchange, and the "2012 Best IR Award for Small to Medium Sized Capitalization Companies" by Japan Investor Relations Association.

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